Ateronon Discovers That Brits Have a Medical Wake-up Call As They Approach 40

Ateronon lately commissioned a study of 2000 individuals aged over 25. The findings of the study, published within the Daily Mail discovered that it’s only when individuals face the huge milestone of “40” do we actually begin to be uneasy about long-term health implications of the harmful habits and poor diets from our younger years.

Prof Alf Lindberg, Science Director behind Ateronon, the ‘tomato pill’ which commissioned the investigation, said: ‘I have spent a lifetime dedicated to preventing and curing diseases but it never ceases to amaze me how easily people are prepared to throw away their good health by abusing their bodies with poor diet, booze and lack of exercise. ‘This survey is yet more evidence of that – it seems that people leave it until they reach the age of 39 before they start to take their health seriously. ‘One of the reasons I became involved with Ateronon is because I believe that it can help people who have decided that they want to take their health seriously – even if they are already 39, or older..’

But 60% remain worried that even with the changes in lifestyle, their previous bad habits may nevertheless change them because they get old. ‘Although we have a decade of study with Ateronon under our belt, there’s still a lot more to do in order to comprehend its health benefits better.

75% have been so worried they have gone to make significant lifestyle changes for example eating a wholesome diet, exercising more, stopping smoking or alcohol and even quitting at work. But nearly half of us Brits confesses they are anxious about when it will be possible to reverse the damage due to their lifestyle in the past.

The analysis of 2000 adults aged 25 and above found that 85 percent reach a stage within their life where they’ve begun to get concerned about medical implications of the life-style. And three-quarters have gone to make adjustments to how they stay in an attempt to enhance their wellness, with more than half choosing to eat more fruit and veg while 45 per cent just eat an even more balanced diet another 49 per cent have begun to-do more exercise.

Another 15 percent said achieving a landmark birthday started the stress, while one in 10 was spurred into action after seeing a close friend or relative suffer a disease purchased on by bad lifestyle options. The departure of the family member, being offered a warning with a physician as well as reading articles in a paper or magazines are also one of the call triggers.

Cutting back on booze, eating less fried foods or take-aways and getting health or nutritional vitamin supplements are amongst the other common lifestyle modification. But while the largest reason for that call was just beginning to feel old, 16 percent decided to make the changes after enduring a modest health panic.

Nearly 40% have even been warned by somebody about their lifestyle and also the result it might have on the life, with physicians, our partner or parents the most want to raise issues. 36% feel fitter, one in five reckon they’re ill less frequently while 16 per cent believe it is simpler to match younger members of the family.