Ateronon Global Sales Success

Orders for CamNutra’s distinctive ‘lactolycopene’ merchandise have risen steeply with clients via over 50 nations – with Britain, The US and also the China leading the way.

The increase in sales isn’t surprising because the Cambridge research is considered to be the first-time researchers have pinpointed a reason for the southern Europeans’ “Mediterranean Diet” which helps them live 10 years longer than those living elsewhere

Many physicians consider the breakthrough could alter many millions more lives over the planet than previously estimated – due to its own capacity to help combat other ailments.

CamNutra (the developers of Ateronon)  is exceptional in within the health supplement business in providing significant capital for research into Ateronon. The product has received millions of pounds ploughed into its special formulation and research into its health impacts and CamNutra is continuous that by committing thousands of pounds for further research in 2013.