Ateronon Prices at an All Time Low

Christmas is fast approaching along with expense of buying presents, celebrations and indulgent food.

There is one expense which you will be able to save on however, and that is Ateronon. At the time of writing you can buy Ateronon at the unbelievable price of £14.25 from

This is a price for a single pack with free delivery and currently beat even multi-pack deals. I predict that this low price will not last out the year though so stock-up on this breakthrough lycopene supplement while you have the chance.

Ateronon supplements have undergone many independent clinical studies to define its health benefits which have been extremely successful. One study shows that taking these supplements increases artery flexibility by over 50% in those diagnosed with heart disease. It is the only supplement which, when taken daily,  has been shown to build up lycopene levels in the blood.

Scientists claim that Ateronon could:

  • Cut the risk of heat attacks and strokes
  • Limit the damage caused by heart disease
  • Slow the onset of cancer

This natural remedy which contains the chemical found in the skin of red fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes works by making the chemical (lycopene) more easily absorbed by the human body. It is thought that consuming large amounts of lycopene rich food like tomatoes is responsible for the increased life expectancy found in the Mediterranean.

Taking one Ateronon capsule is equivalent to eating 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of cooked tomatoes, and I know which I would prefer to do – and I like tomatoes.

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