Ateronon Side Effects

ateronon-side effectsAccording to CamNutra to makers of Ateronon, their ‘tomato pill’ has no reported side effects, so virtually anyone can take these natural lycopene food supplements knowing that the only symptoms they are going to experience are those beneficial to your health.

There are exceptions however:

  • If you have an intolerance or are allergic to to tomatoes, lactose, soy or whey protein please seek medical advice before taking Ateronon.
  • Although consuming normal amount of lycopene has been shown to be perfectly safe while pregnant and breastfeeding taking enriched supplements which are full of the stuff is possibly unsafe and should be avoided. A study of a different lycopene supplement reported that taking it during pregnancy increased the likelihood of a low-weight or premature births. Not enough is known about taking these supplements during breastfeeding though it is advisable that you avoid increased amounts (higher than those naturally found in a health balanced diet) of lycopene while pregnant and breastfeeding. As always if you are unsure speak to you doctor.

Is it suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

It is a food supplement which has been approved by the Vegetarian Society as well as being suitable for vegans. It is also  kosher and halal.

Can I take it alongside statins?

There have been many studies of these supplements used in conjunction with statins as well as other medications. All have shown that you can take it knowing that combining them will have no adverse effects.

Ateronon is a once per day supplement which reduces the fatty build-up in our arteries by reducing the oxidation of bad cholesterol. The tablets contain lactolycopene a naturally occurring and powerful antioxidant usually found in red fruit and vegetables like tomatoes. It is though that this compound which is found naturally in the Mediterranean-style diet is responsible for the reduced risk of cancer heart disease.

Doctors have reported that the tablet which has been nicknamed the tomato pill “could save thousands of lives”.