How much lycopene do you need in a supplement

lycopene supplementsDoes it really make a difference just how much lycopene a supplement like Ateronon contains? 7, 10, 15 or even 25mg?

Occasionally, the makers of Ateronon get asked why does their pill contain just 7 mg of the antioxidant? When you compare that with other brands (usually containing 10 and sometimes even 15 mg) it look like you get a bad deal. Looks like a reasonable concern, does it not?

The simple truth is, putting double the amount into a tablet does not mean it is going to be two times as efficient at improving your cardio health. This may be because that, even though the carotenoid is definitely a highly effective anti-oxidant which features numerous a heart health rewards, it is a large, crystallized like shape is in fact very hard for the body to process.

Unique Formulation

This simply means that while it is beneficial to take a lot of  food products rich in this antioxidant as well as tablets, the lycopene (which is not found normally in the human body) will only improve your cardio health when it is capable of passing through the digestive tract wall and is made available to the blood stream. This is where Ateronon’s extraordinary, patented, formulation makes a difference!


Following several years devoted tackling this problem, a group of experts developed what’s today named the ‘Tomato Pill’s’ LactoLycopene formula.

Through blending whey protein, lycopene and some additional compounds they made the antioxidant far more bioavailable. The fact is, because of this unique bioavailable formulation, the body is capable of absorbing a lot more lycopene from a 7 mg tablet of LactoLycopene compared to even a 25 mg of tablet of similar vitamins around.

The truth is, it does not make a difference what amount of the compound a dietary supplement is made up of. What is important is whether or not all of that it is made to be effortlessly used by the system to enable you to feel the advantages of your new wholesome routine as quickly as possible.

Are you aware that a single tablet of this stuff provides the same  antioxidant goodness of 2.2lb (1kg) of tomatoes?

Heart Health and The Tomato Pill

The absorbable characteristics of the Tomato Pill continues to be widely evaluated. In one investigation, participants using the pill demonstrated a rise in antioxidant levels of sixty to one hundred percent in just 2 months. These types of results haven’t been observed to this level of effectiveness in any other similar supplement. Nor have they gone through the demanding evaluation as the Tomato Pill.

For additional information about the exclusive characteristics and benefits associated with LactoLycopene, be sure to visit this page.