Lycopene, The Anticancer Compound

tomatoesLycopene is a robust antioxidant that removes dangerous free radicals. These free radicals could damage DNA as well as other delicate cell structures. It is a vivid reddish pigment which is naturally present in the human liver, serum (blood), adrenal glands, lungs, prostate, colon, and skin at higher amounts than other similar pigments. In animal studies, lycopene is discovered to possess antioxidant effects and might additionally block cancer cell development. Yet, there’s still controversy over whether it has these effects in people.

Tomatoes: a rich source of lycopene

Tomatoes contains the strongest source of lycopene, although guava, apricots, watermelon, papaya, and, pink grapefruit can also be major sources of the pigment. Lycopene was suggested by a cancer society as a strong natural anti cancer compound. Lots of research has shown higher ingestion of tomato products generating higher quantities of lycopene.

Research shows that lycopene, which can be what gives tomatoes their red colour, intercepts cancer’s power to really make the links it should attach to a healthier blood supply.

Research which investigated levels of lycopene in the blood discovered that they were higher after individuals ate cooked tomatoes than after they ate uncooked tomatoes or drank tomato juice. This indicates that lycopene in cooked tomato products like tomato sauce or spread could be more easily absorbed by the body than lycopene in uncooked tomatoes. Eating lycopene-rich vegetables and fruits jointly having a small quantity of oil or fat (as an example, salad oil or cheese on pizza) raise the quantity of lycopene consumed by the intestines. Lycopene can be obtainable in softgel capsule and liquid nutritional supplements.

An expert in these matters commented:” This straightforward chemical reaction was demonstrated to happen at concentrations which can easily be accomplished by eating processed tomatoes.”

Reduce the danger of heart disease & cancers

Eating foods including lycopene may lessen the danger of some diseases like heart disorders as well as certain cancers. Numerous studies demonstrate strong signs of an association involving the consumption of tomatoes and tomato-based products as well as a reduced danger of lung, stomach and prostate cancers. A current study has additionally demonstrated the valuable antioxidant activity of lycopene on blood cholesterol.

There exists a decrease in the amount of oxidised cholesterol, which helps to reduce the danger of cardiovascular disease, as levels of lycopene increase in the blood. Lycopene exists in most reddish fruits and also vegetables, but its concentrations are greatest in tomatoes also it becomes more easily available and biologically effective when it comes from processed tomatoes which have a little bit of cooking oil added.


Ateronon is a supplement which contain lycopene is formulated to be far more easily absorbed by the body than eating lycopene rich food alone. It has been shon in studies that taking Ateronon can help reduce the oxidisation of LDL cholesterol by more than 90%