The Benefits of Tomatoes, Lycopene & Ateronon

Some people have heard about it, and some haven’t, lycopene: this health boosting red chemical is presently generating plenty of attention from scientists irrespective of if you’ve heard of it or not.

Lycopene can be found in crimson colored vegatables and fruits like red carrots, watermelons, pink grapefruits and papayas but most often in tomatoes. The remarkable health advantages of lycopene are increasing as the study that investigates lycopene advances.

Antioxidants and Free Radicals

When lycopene is absorbed in the stomach, it’s transported in the bloodstream to your liver, adrenal glands and testes.¬† A great number of health benefits can be attributed to lycopene, which is the antioxidant. Antioxidants stop the chemical reaction that results in the production of toxic free radicals.

free radicals

Free radicals are definitely enemy no. 1 when considering cell problems which then leads to a wide range of health problems most notably various cancers and also poor bone health. Free radicals have been linked with the generation of cancerous cells , diabetes, accelerated aging and also a poor immune system.

Ateronon The Lycopene Supplement

To get the most from the carotenoid lycopene , many are switching to Ateronon (nicknamed the tomato pill), a nutritional supplement full of the carotenoid lycopene. These lycopene rich supplements have been shown to decrease any oxidation of ldl cholesterol which decreases any chances of having a stroke and having a heart attack.

The Health Benefits

Enhanced cell connection it regarded as cause of lycopene’s anti-cancer qualities. Large numbers of medical professionals believe that the interruption of communications from cell to cell is the major trigger for the unnatural development of cells, this subsequently leads to the emergence of cancer cells and the individual being diagnosed with cancer. Its anti-cancer attributes are being examined, with the benefits of lycopene showing the most promise for pancreatic, lung and prostate cancers.

Another area in which food rich in lycopene and also Ateronon nutritional supplements has got outwardly powerful health benefits is in coronary heart health. A European study revealed that men and women who have higher lycopene levels had less odds of dying from heart disease.

Lycopene accumulation  is more elevated within the testicles which, analysis suggests, eliminate inferility for males by means of boosting sperm count. Men who increased their levels of lycopene studies showed had a far better chance of having children.